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MAP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

MAP FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)  

1)  Cost of meters?   

 Single-phase - N36,991.30    

 Three-phase - N67,055.85  

 Note: These prices are exclusive of – VAT  

2)  What is the payment structure for customers who choose to pay instalments?  

Customers are expected to clear all outstanding bills or agree on a settlement plan with EKEDC before the acquisition of meters under the MAP framework. Meters can also be acquired who can not make full payment at the beginning of the process. The various options for financing are available on the MAP platform during the application process, so customers can view and decide which best suits them.  

3)  What do I do if the meter develops a fault?   

The customer shall contact Eko through the web portal, this will also reflect on the MAP platform for necessary action.  

4)  How long will it take for a meter under MAP to be repaired or replaced?  

A customer's meter shall be repaired or replaced by the MAP within two (2) working days upon notification.  

5)  Who bears the cost for repairs or replacements?  

A customer’s meter shall be repaired or replaced at no additional cost within the amortisation period of the asset unless the damage was as a result of the willful action of the customer.  

6)  What if I move out of my current residence, but still within the EKEDC coverage area?  

Where a customer relocates within the franchise area, the customer shall apply to the Distribution Licensee for the transfer of services including applicable credits for energy.  

7)  What if I move out of my current residence, but outside EKEDC coverage area?  

Where a customer relocates outside the franchise area, the customer shall sort out the metering balance with the property owner.  

8)    Can you outline the process for getting a meter under the new MAP scheme?    


Customers are to visit EKEDC website   www.ekedp.com to fill and submit prepaid meter application forms as well as provide all stated supporting documents.   

Online confirmation of Customer debt profile and proposed settling/reconciliation will be applied based on EKEDC Debt Recovery Policy.    

The ticket number will be generated upon completion of the online application process.    

The customer proceeds to MAP's website to register with the ticket number and follows the process as laid down by the MAP for meter acquisition.    

MAP will intimate the customer on key steps as regards the installation of the meter.    


Customers are advised to complete documents and provide accurate information in the submitted form.    


9)  How long will it take for me to get meter after I have finished the process of registering?  

Meter shall be installed in customers premises within 10days after payment is made.  

Meter deployment under the MAP framework has commenced across the 10 district offices under the EKEDC network.